Photo credit: Molly Stillman

Photo credit: Molly Stillman

I'm Mallory, creator of Cheers Years. I'm an eco-chic wedding and event planner by day and a food blogger by night based out of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

I originally started a blog simply as a fun way to document my crowd-pleasing recipes at home. I quickly fell head over heels in love with the journey of food blogging, photography, and the creative community. 

What really fires me up is taking an unhealthy recipe (southern dishes, desserts, even cocktails!) and "healthifying" it by substituting healthier, all-natural foods & sustainable products you can find in the grocery store.

I especially love sharing live connections with fellow food bloggers, writers, and photographers. We get to see smiles, hear excitement, and feel real hugs in-person. That's why I started Culinary Clicks, a movement of rallying this online culinary creatives community, offline. 

I'm also passionate about helping others experience the magic of a beautiful event that was planned in an environmentally conscious way. Cheers Years LLC offers wedding and event planning services for those looking to create a truly cheers-worthy occasion they can feel good about. 

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So What are the "Cheers Years"?

The "cheers years" are the times in our lives worth celebrating. We have a wedding, an anniversary, a business launch, or simply a new recipe to toast.

A Cheers Years Eco-Chic Event is a cream of the crop affair planned with the goal of minimizing environmental impact. We can celebrate beautifully without compromising our standards and respect for the environment. 

At home, I find something to "Cheers!" every day. Most of my toasts are for family & friends, great food, and simply being alive.

We can formally celebrate or create our own suppertime soirées at home. I'm delighted to inspire and assist with both! 

Here's to celebrating food, experiences, and life... Cheers!

A few of my favorites....