5-Ingredient Carrot Cake Cocktail (V + GF)!


This cocktail... WOW. Just, wow. Honestly, I didn't think it would be possible to recreate one of my favorite desserts in a "healthy" cocktail with 5 ingredients or less; yet here it is, folks. The recipe ingredient list seems very strange for a dessert cocktail, but I promise you, tasting the final version of this recipe for me was a Willy Wonka moment. I took a sip and it was like drinking a piece of mom's fresh carrot cake. This carrot cake cocktail is only five ingredients and minutes to make. Your guests will not even believe that this dessert-y cocktail is made with all natural ingredients and has health benefits. 

Carrot Cake Cocktail made with NC #vodka and organic #carrotjuice - All natural ingredients and sweetened with maple syrup! #dessertcocktail #easycocktail #healthiercocktail

So, why did I make a cocktail that tastes like you're drinking carrot cake? Sounds kind of weird, doesn't it? What what was so wrong with just eating a piece of carrot cake if you were craving that? Well, if you can't tell from any of my other recipes, I'm fond of sweet treats, but I'm a nutrition nerd. I love to find those healthy compromises or ways to satisfy my taste buds while keeping things "healthier" with ingredients that have natural sweetness. 

Carrot Cake Cocktail made with NC #vodka and organic #carrotjuice - All natural ingredients and sweetened with maple syrup! #dessertcocktail #easycocktail #healthiercocktail

Also, I like a challenge. Was it even possible for a dessert cocktail to be healthy-ish? Could I combine a typically unhealthy thing like carrot cake and an even unhealthier thing like a cocktail and create one satisfying recipe?  "Challenge accepted", I thought (in my best Barney Stinson voice). That's truly how this recipe came about. I absolutely love carrot cake. I'm definitely not going to put in the time or buy all the ingredients to make the classic carrot cake, though. So I wanted to capture the taste in a cocktail with 5 ingredients without it being completely gross. The result really surprised me with how creamy and delicious this drink was. 

So how is this cocktail healthy? The organic carrot juice. It's absolutely stellar for your body. Much like beets, they can aid in preventing diseases and diabetes as well as improve our vision, skin, hair, and nails. All that comes from tons of vitamins like K, B1, B6, B2, C, and E and nutrients like biotin, molybdenum, dietary fiber, potassium. You can read more about carrot juice benefits from this great article here.

Carrot Cake Cocktail made with only 5 natural ingredients including sweet potato #vodka. Tastes JUST like carrot cake in a drink. Crazy cool! #carrotjuice #dessertcocktail #easycocktail #healthiercocktail

This recipe is 5 ingredients, vegan + gluten free, made with all natural ingredients found in your grocery store, and takes only minutes to make. No muddling or juicing necessary for this one. Simply throw all the ingredients into your shaker filled halfway with ice, shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds and pour into a beautiful serving vessel like a coupe or even a lowball old fashion glass. 

This is the perfect spring cocktail to add some cheer into your sunny weekend. If you're a daring health nut that also appreciates a good dessert-y cocktail then give this one a try! 

Here's to healthy cocktails that taste like cake... Cheers!