5 Recipes For Mom + 5 of Her Most Valuable Life Lessons Reflected on Mother's Day


Hey friends! The time is upon us for celebrating the most important women of our lives: our moms. If you haven't bought a gift, you can still give her the gift of a making a delicious dish or drink with ingredients you likely already have on hand. Not just on Mother's Day weekend, but any time of year! Here are five, 5 ingredients or less recipes to make Mom on Mother's Day. With each recipe, I'm reflecting on 1 of the 5 most important life lessons my mom taught me, that helped shaped who I am today that deserve a shoutout.

1. Twice-Baked Sweet Potato Babe Brunch

Quick & Healthy Brunch Recipe | Filling | 5 ingredients | Savory | Make in a Pinch



My mom (and my Dad) are a shining example of believing. They have incredibly strong faith, but they also believe tremendously in their children. They have always taught my brother and I to believe in our capabilities and never to shy away from our dreams. They always tell us, "It's not a matter of IF you'll do it, it's how FAR will you go".

2. Grapefruit Ginger-Mint Mimosa

Mimosa Variation | Refreshing | 4 ingredients | Celebratory Drink

Elegant Grapefruit Ginger-Mint Mimosa | Insanely refreshing and EASY to make with only 4 ingr! #cocktail ginger #grapefruit #mint #mimosa


My mom taught me that no matter what, there's always time and room for kindness in every situation. No matter what. A little kindness can go a long way. It may be simple, but my mom taught me to be kind to EVERYONE. 

3. 5-Ingr. Peanut Butter Cookies w/ 2-Ingredient Chocolate Sauce GF + V

Easy Dessert with Ingredients On-Hand | 5 ingredients | Healthy-ish | Peanut Buttery Goodness

5-Ingredient gluten free peanut butter cookies with 2-Ingredient chocolate sauce for dunking or drizzling! #glutenfree #easycookies


Not just in "honesty is the best policy". My mom created an environment where it was OK for us to be upfront and honest about our feelings. She helped guide me through my greatest hardships in life because I was honest with her. 

4. French 75

Perfect "Cheers!" to mom beverage | 4 ingredients | Pretty | Crisp, Sweet, & Bubbly

Easy French 75 Cocktail with Rosé only 4 Ingredients #gin #easycocktails


My mom taught me to take time each day to be thankful for everything I have, but especially these five things: my health, my family, the food I eat each day, my home, and my freedom. Following her lead, I try to start my day reflecting on the things I'm grateful for. I also try to show gratitude towards my family, my friends, and all those in my life who make such a positive impact on my life. 

5. Smoky Vegan Cheddar Popcorn

Cheesy savory goodness | 5 ingredient vegan smokehouse seasoning | Perfect for movie-watching 



I had to end with a cheesy recipe, and a cheesy lesson, but it truly IS the most important one! Above all, my mom taught me about love. She loved me and she showed me how to love other people. We pour our heart and soul into the food and drinks we prepare for others because of LOVE. 


That being said, I've got a whole lot of love for YOU taking the time to read through this post. I hope you make something with love for your mom not just on Mother's Day, but any day of the year, and take a moment to reflect on the most valuable lessons she taught you. 


What will you all be doing for Mother's Day? Showing some love and gratitude for mom above all else I hope. :) Do you have valuable life lessons you carry with you each day that she taught you? I'd love to hear! Comment below and let me know. 


Here's to Mom... Cheers!