Apple Cider Vinegar "Pink Potion" Drink

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ACV Pink Potion drink that will boost your energy levels and keep your belly feeling good all day long! #applecidervinegar #grapefruitjuice

How are ya? Are you feeling fine with the longer days and sunshine rays? I clearly am given my need to throw down some lyrical rhymes in the opening to this post. Ha! With the hot weather and summer swiftly approaching, I’ve been working on toning up and getting my gut in order for the swimsuit season. Yup, I admit it, I’m one of those people that thinks about it. I don’t do extreme diets or cleanses, but I’d be lying if I wrote that I just don’t think about preparing myself for the most vulnerable time of the year. What’s most important to me, is that I feel my best. I try really hard not to compare my body now to my 18-year-old body, and certainly not to others - I try not to let my mind go there. However, I DO think about how comfortable I am in my skin at the time. If I feel like I’m toned and not suffering from bloat, then it’s a win for me and I’m ready for the chair beside the pool.

Part of what helps me personally feel better is by having energy to exercise, and a balanced gut. I really don’t know why (I’m currently still exploring reasons) but I’ve been having some pretty gnarly indigestion almost daily without some type of preventative measure. If I go a long period of time without eating, I get hungry - then when I eat, my stomach starts burning and churning with pain, THEN comes the bloat. UGH! I then think the way to remedy this is by eating more, which inevitably makes it worse. At that point, I usually always result to taking an acid-reliever and unbuttoning my pants to relieve the pain, which is the only thing that can help -  and it’s quite embarrassing. HOWEVER, if that morning I sip on some apple cider vinegar diluted into this amazing “Pink Potion”, as I like to call it, then I don’t have any of these horrible stomach episodes. I also notice that I don’t get bloated before or after eating and in general, I have a very neutral stomach all day, PLUS I get this rockin’ energy boost. Win, Win, WIN y’all! So today I’m sharing the love for this recipe and how I make it.

A note on apple cider vinegar drinks

Energy-boosting Pink Potion ACV drink that will keep your belly feeling good all day long! Recipe from Cheers Years #applecidervinegar #grapefruitjuice

I’m sure there are folks out there (I know there are, I’m friends with a few) that hate apple cider vinegar, and think this whole trend of drinking it is a big scam. A stinky one at that. If you’re skeptical but curious, then just give it a try! The worst that happens is that you hate the way it tastes and you can give it to someone else who would enjoy drinking it. Or cleaning with it. Or use it for a throat spray. Or as a beauty toner. Seriously, why would you give it away? Apple cider vinegar is good for almost anything. It has a multitude of health + beauty benefits and household uses. Just Google “uses for apple cider vinegar” or “what is apple cider vinegar good for” and read all about it. My 2 favorite things about apple cider vinegar are just what I described above. It’s great for balancing the acidity of my gut and the energy boost I get. Some other benefits that I’ve personally noticed that are also fantastic from including apple cider vinegar into a daily regimen include:

  • My skin is clearer
  • Allergies are better
  • Throat isn’t scratchy or dry
  • No bloat and/or gas

My mom has been drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in water for years and when she finally got me to give a try in college, I almost hated how much it worked. I kept the apple cider vinegar hidden in a cabinet, but my roommates would still come through the kitchen from time to time and say, “did we let a wet rag sour overnight?”. Of course I’d try to act ignorant and hide the container further but I just couldn’t get rid of this magical cure.

I fell out of the habit of drinking it in my working career days but ever since re-discovering the wonderful Tone It Up program (can’t recommend this amazing program + community enough!!) and saw their “Meta-D” drink, my love for apple cider vinegar elixirs were reborn.

I also have tried drinking warm lemon water in the morning to reduce bloat, and that really helps as well. So when I started getting back into apple cider vinegar drinks, I knew I wanted to combine all the helpful elements of both drinking diluted apple cider vinegar AND lemon water in the morning. I can really say that even though this drink is quite acidic, tangy, and sour, it still has a satisfying twang with a honey sweetness to take the edge off. But maybe I’m just drinking the healthy Kool-Aid, er, Apple Cider Vinegar-Aid.  

Are you ready to just hop on this bandwagon for a minute with me and try this out? When you give it a try for a few weeks , you’ll understand why I refer to it as my “pink potion”. Got your wand ready?  

Apple Cider Vinegar Pink Potion drink that will boost your energy levels and keep your belly feeling good all day long! #applecidervinegar #grapefruitjuice


1 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

3-4 oz. of Grapefruit Juice - 3 shots

½ tsp. Honey (or more to taste)

½ Lemon

Water to dilute (to your preference - I usually add about 1-2 Tbsps.)


Measure the apple cider vinegar, honey, and lemon into a small glass. Stir together until the honey is mixed in well. Then, pour in the grapefruit juice and dilute with water to your taste. I usually end up adding about a Tablespoon. Drink up and enjoy the benefits!

Will you be giving this tonic a try? Comment below to let me know! If you currently drink apple cider vinegar, tell me what your experience is!

(Note: I am not a medical professional nor do I condone the use of this recipe to treat or cure any type of illness. All bodies and needs are different, I’m just sharing my experience.)

Here’s to small common ingredients that help the body in big ways… Cheers!