January Weekend Favorites: 7 Things

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

I'm sharing 7 things that I'm loving right now. No deep dives into recipes today, just some lovely things I'm enjoying right now and maybe you will, too!

1. Pineapple Measuring Spoons

My favorite new Cheers Years-themed measuring spoons from Anthropologie!_.jpg

My new Cheers Years-approved measuring spoons from Anthropologie my sister-in-law got me for Christmas! Aren't they darling?! I've already put them to work this past week making these peanut butter cookies on our snow day! The original recipe post can be found HERE

These little guys are sold out, but I also love these, these, and these - so cute! 

2. CoffeeBreak French Podcast

Photo credit: radiolingua.com

Photo credit: radiolingua.com

This wonderful podcast called CoffeeBreak French. John and I have a trip planned to France this spring so we're trying to learn some basic communication and of course, how to correctly order yummy food! This podcast is so fun to listen and practice along with. It's super helpful to learn how to say things in French properly. I do also use Duolingo a little each week; however, the great thing about the CoffeeBreak French podcast is that they explain appropriate situations certain words would be used. I'm almost to season 2 and I LOVE it! 

3. My new Matcha home blending set

My favorite nw matcha set on CheersYears.com.jpg

I've been ordering a LOT of Matcha lattes out lately, y'all. I was itching to make them at home and thanks to this Bambooworx set, I've now made many of them at home. I haven't quite mastered the art of making one as yummy as they do in the café, but I'm practicing! If you have any tips of how you make the perfect Matcha Latte at home, I'd LOVE to know. Please comment below with your tips!

4. This new "Think Dirty - Shop Clean" App

Photo credit: iTunes.com

Photo credit: iTunes.com

I love this app called "Think Dirty" that shows you how natural (or not) your everyday home products are on a rating scale. It's been an amazing resource for me when shopping for beauty and cleaning products. I was amazed at the toxic ingredients in some of my usual everyday products. Even some of my favorite cleaning products from brands I thought were all-natural had a terrible "dirty" score. It was shocking! The thing I especially find helpful about this app is that they tell you exactly what specific toxic ingredients are in the product, WHY they are bad AND they give you alternatives that have better natural ratings. This is easily becoming one of my most used apps. 

5. I'm still obsessed with making sweet potato toast for EVERY impromptu meal. 

Sweet potato toast makes the perfect easy impromptu meal!

Last month I posted my recipe for this easy 5-ingredient Mediterranean sweet potato toast. When I discovered just how easy it was to pop a few slices of sweet potato into the toaster for a few minutes to get perfectly cooked "toast", it opened up all types of new possibilities. Since sweet potatoes are always a regular on my grocery list they can always be found in my pantry. My new favorite lunch meal or snack is a few pieces of sweet potato toast with either the lemon-tahini dip from the recipe above or a small drizzle of honey. When we don't have time to be creative for dinner or our fridge looks empty, John & I will make our go-to, easiest-ever Buddha bowl recipe: cook some quinoa and pop a few slices of sweet potato in the toaster. Layer the quinoa and sweet potatoes in a bowl, throw some spinach or kale on top with a drizzle of your favorite dressing and BAM, instant easy, healthy, no-brainer dinner. YUM!

6. The Al-Andalus hot chocolate from Cocoa Cinnamon on Greer St. in Durham

Al-Andalus Hot Chocolate From Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham NC.jpg

This hot chocolate is the most perfect winter pick-me-up! This unbelievably rich and silky chocolate goodness can be made dairy-free with oat milk. It's so good I went back for it twice within a week! 

7. This well-worded pouch bag

My favorite travel catch-all clutch bag from Anthropologie!_.jpg

I love this catch-all "well-worded pouch" which I've recently used to transport a few of my essential cocktail-making tools to friend's place! Haha! This was another Anthropologie find that tickled me pink because it was just so cute. 

Those are my weekend favorites, what are yours?! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend with smiles and sunshine.