Romantic Black Velvet

Beautiful Black Velvet Cocktail made with Champagne + Guinness! #2ingredients #easycocktails #champagne #guinness As Valentine's Day approaches, I thought about what type of food or drink to create for those I love. I think when we plan for a special holiday with loved ones, we try to determine what type of experience to create. Fun and low-key, traditional and timeless, or new and unique. For me this year, I'm hoping to stir up warm memories from a trip John and I took last summer to Ireland and Scotland.  This Romantic Black Velvet is the perfect recipe to bring back fond memories of Ireland with Guinness and a toast to new memories and the next adventure with Champagne. 

Before John and I went to Ireland last year, we always heard that the Guinness tastes differently there than anywhere else. I'll admit, we were skeptical, but sure enough we are now total believers. What a wonderful, creamy and rich authentic flavor it has in Ireland. Of course when we came back home we were still huge fans. We understood that the creamy drafts, while a staple in every pub in Ireland, will not be the exactly the same coming out of a can from an American grocery store. However, it certainly goes well in this Black Velvet cocktail mixed with Champagne.

Black Velvet is an Ease and Elegant Cocktail made with Champagne and Guinness #beercocktail #champagne #guinness #easycocktails

Even though stout is one of the two ingredients, the Black Velvet is quite a light tasting drink. It's sparkly with a little more depth after it settles. 

Black Velvet Cocktail Only 2 Ingredients - Champage + Guinness = heavenly #beercocktail #champagne #guinness #easycocktails

I also adore that this extremely easy, delicious, and classy drink takes only seconds to make. Honestly, unless you're counting the time it takes to open the bottle and can, this cocktail takes less than a minute to assemble. This is great so you can spend more time snuggling with your sweetie (or gal pals) than worrying about recipe measurements.

Only 2 Ingredients in this Black Velvet Cocktail made with Champagne and Guiness #beercocktail #2ingredients #easycocktails

Want to give it a try? Here's how I make my Romantic Black Velvet...

Champagne + Guinness make the perfect Bubbly Cocktail Called a Black Velvet on 2 ingredients! #champagne #guiness #easycocktails

Pour 4 oz. of Champagne (or Prosecco) in final serving glass (I think a coupe looks lovely) then add 2 1/2 oz. of Guinness. Now, I'm going to say something scandalous here and suggest that if you can't find Guinness, you could substitute another dark stout. However, in order to stay true to the classic recipe, I myself stick with Guinness.  

Champagne + Guinness Make a Beautiful Black Velvet Cocktail #2ingredients #easycocktails #champagne #guinness

That's it! Only 2 ingredients to an impressive drink to share with those you love. If you're interested in other sparkly beverages to serve guests on special occasions, check out a few other options here and here that may just tickle you pink. 

Here's to the good memories and new ones yet to come. 


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